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November 22nd, 2012

Cupcake Skateboards is the little sister brand to Cool Girl Decks. We started Cool Girls in 2004 after we noticed that skater girls weren’t being offered their own brand of skateboards. For over a year we interviewed girl skaters from around the world and developed our line from what we learned from those girls. They wanted boards that were pink and pretty and something their brothers wouldn’t want to ride.

Well, we listened to our fans again. Over the last several years we notice some of the boards being purchased were for girls ages 4 to 7, and the moms were asking for a board that was smaller, and sweeter. So we started Cupcake Skateboards, you can’t get much sweeter then that.

Cupcake Skateboards ™
P.O. Box 186
Newport Beach, CA 92662

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Cupcake Skateboards™
PO Box 186 , Newport Beach, CA 92662 ~ Office: 714.927.3091